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Healthy Kitchen Jewels was birthed from the enthusiastic, energetic and passionate Katherine Joyce Henry. She discovered these jewels for her kitchen and the resounding success of a healthier lifestyle, Joyce remains committed in developing a Team who is eager and excited to share this lifestyle. 

K. Joyce Henry grew up on the beautiful island of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. Her college years were spent in New Brunswick Canada where she studied marketing and grew her family to include two handsome boys. Years later she moved back home to work in the Marketing Department of two major Caribbean airlines. As a marketing guru on the island, Joyce was soon working with the Government of Antigua implementing worldwide promotional plans keeping Antigua a top choice for leisure travelers. 


Health issues caused Joyce to later move to the USA to join her family living in Maryland. She continued to work with the Government of Antigua and at the same time was introduced to healthier eating by someone on her medical team. Joyce subsequently heard about Saladmaster Cooking System for healthy food preparation from her sister (Luella Hackett) and it was a no brainer what she needed to do. She invested in a Set of Saladmaster  (which she referred to as the *jewels* in her kitchen)and shortly thereafter began experiencing flavorful and time saving meals along with improved health..

Joyce left her prestigious job and joined the Saladmaster family through Eat Smart Solution (Janice Exeter) in 2012. Filled with the vision of owning her own business--Joyce did what comes natural to her and that is to worked hard which she did at all levels of the Spirit of Success Program. Two years later Joyce was promoted to Direct Dealer and started her own business… Healthy Kitchen Jewels.  Her ethics of hard work are exhibited over the past five years as a Direct Dealer. This is truly visible at every Cooking Show, Cooking Class, Open House or anytime she shares her enthusiasm for what she does and the product she represents.

Joyce’s story is truly the American Dream Girl, and she takes pleasure in encouraging others to join her on this successful path that is wide and open to all.

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